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The astrology chart is like a blueprint or skymap of the day you were born.  There is SO much more than the Sun sign alone! Astrologers cannot express this enough. Although, the Sun sign is very important, the whole chart must be taken into account. 

Astrology is like a language. You can learn phrases, or you can learn how the language works in order to put together the phrase you need from the toolbox of available nouns, adjectives, verbs and so on. Sure, it is very easy to just look up the particular meaning of a planet in a sign or house that you need, but in order to get the FULL PICTURE, you need to look at the chart as a WHOLE. 

We start by learning the WHAT, WHY and WHERE. The planets represent the WHAT of a chart. We look at these first. The sings represent the WHY or HOW of the chart. By observing what sign a particular planet is in, we can begin to see a picture form. The houses represent the WHERE of a chart. When we put the planet together with the sign and location (house), we get a much fuller picture of the chart....then there are aspects between the planets, which is the distance the planets or sensitive areas of the chart (chart angles) are from each other. These can give the astrologer an even better idea about those planets or angles involved.  By learning each of the parts in full, we can determine our best way of seeing how the chart works. Without this knowledge, we might as well be devoid of our own ability to think for ourselves when looking at a chart. 

It has been my mission to teach students the LANGUAGE of astrology. Once you learn the parts, you can read the chart for yourself. 

Through this website, I can help you get an overview of how the astrology chart works. I give you the basics of the language of astrology. Of course, the best way to really GET IT is to dig in deeply for yourself beyond these simplified explanations. My advice is to read all the astrology books that you can get your hands on about looking at the astrology chart as a whole ("The Inner Sky" by Steven Forrest is a great place to start) (or any book that delves into the methods of EVOLUTIONARY astrology) and to find a good mentor you can learn directly from. To learn more about my tutoring sessions and lessons/classes (available in person and online) click here

You can look through the "Toolbox" on this site to get an overview of the WHAT-(the planets), the WHY or How- (the signs) and the WHERE-(the houses). 

Also on this site, you can find worksheets to help you discover the power in your own chart.