Evolutionary Astrology With Kelly Cassidy


Pricing and packages 

All readings are digitally recorded. Readings can be done in person or phone/Skype.

Natal Readings: 

     - 1/2 hr. Readings: $60 (Must have a basic understanding of astrology including               your own chart. This is a great option for those with specific questions.)



         - One Hour Reading: $110 (A basic reading of your  natal/birth chart)   


          -  1.5 hr Reading: $135 ( a more comprehensive readings for more depth-                  suggested reading for first timers!)


Synastry (Relationship Readings): (love, family, associates)

          -  1 hr. Overview Reading: $85


         -  1.5 hr. Reading: $120


In addition, I also offer transit and progressed chart readings. Just ask for these specialized charts on our contact page.

Private Tutoring (can be done in person or through Skype).

    -1/2 hr. tutoring: $50

   -1 hr. tutoring: $90

Go to my contact page to inquire about tutoring. 

I also conduct workshops and classes in the Autumn in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Add yourself to my mailing list below to learn more about the classes and workshops and other news about the astrology world including conferences and interesting facts. 

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