Here are some basics about each Zodiac sign. By combining the WHAT (planet) with the WHY-HOW (signs) and the WHERE (house), we can get a basic snapshot of that particular combination. 

REMEMBER: We have ALL the zodiac signs in our charts!! Some are just more prominent than others. This represents the story that the soul is working on in this lifetime. We all have our own unique set of skills, challenges and triumphs. Sometimes it is just a matter of the sign/house/planet being given the right activation.

These examples of the archetypes of each sign are a blatant portrayal of the spirit of the sign. Since each chart is so unique with a massive variety of combinations, this guide must simply serve as a basic idea of each archetype. We must look to the planet and house to learn more of the story!

Please keep in mind that these descriptions are a simple breakdown of the archetype and it really depends on what planet/house is involved to determine how the archetype is playing out. For example, if you have the sun sign Taurus in the 12th house and a Pisces moon, then there will be a strong flavor in the personality blending with the Taurus. This is where discernment and close observation of the whole chart is important to pay attention to. 

Aries: It's all about getting to the finish line folks! Aries loves adventure and the spirit of competition perhaps more than any other sign. There is an inordinate fascination with forging a new and bright new path. And if others can benefit, then all the better, but the true benefit it is to Aries who enjoys being the front-runner of any endeavor. 

Taurus: Steady and peacefully is the course for Taurus. While Aries zooms on by, forging new worlds and adventure, Taurus is happy keeping the peace at home, happy in his own pasture, gently chewing the cud. Taurus above all, enjoys being comfortable and left alone to his own devices. This is not a rebellious choice, but rather a choice of keeping his own inner peace.