My Upcoming "Initiation" Into Steven Forrest's AP Program!

August 14, 2013
I am super excited to be going to my very first Apprenticeship Program with Steven Forrest! I feel that there is a whole family there that I have yet to meet but know I will feel I have known since before time! We will laugh about the same geeky astrology jokes and be amazed by the same insights presented by Steven. 

The first time I met Steven I had some pretty heavy transits going on plus my first Saturn Return was coming upon me. Transiting Mars was square my natal Mars, Saturn was right on my natal Mars conjunct Moon in Leo and Uranus was exactly opposing my Virgo North Node conjunct Jupiter. It was a harrowing time for me to say they least. I had power struggles with the other Pluto-Sun conjunct student in the workshop and I felt that I couldn't do anything right the entire time. I felt like a victim; powerless and vulnerable at every step. On top of this, I felt as though I was as far away as I could be in my destiny's path and I had a few accidents while I was there including bumping into a glass table in the dark in my room, knocking over a huge glass bottle which shattered with a piece subsequently getting lodged into my shin. It was not a fun time overall, but that was only due to my own personal transits at the time! I had never really looked at transits very closely and didn't want to bother with it until Lynn Bell had pointed out in class to me in front of everyone that I was having a really bad period in my life due to the transits affecting me at that time. *Gee...thanks* I certainly didn't want to even study transits for a while after that for the fear of what it might possibly manifest by simply being aware of them! 
It took some time, but I got through those transits emotionally as well as physically, and my first Saturn Return revealed the understanding that I seriously needed to "get down to business"! I had put aside my astrology books for a while and started to embark on a path of studying for a dual degree in Business Marketing and Management. Boy, what a turn that was! It didn't last long though...the school that is. While I still enjoy learning about Marketing for the sake a creating security (thank you Virgo 4th house!), I have regained my deep fascination with astrological study with pure abandon. I love it! I love being a student again. I had given several readings during my Marketing and Management "phase", but it just never felt quite deep enough for me or for my clients. I felt I needed a new angle. That is when I re-discovered Steven Forrest's work. I had been on the "waiting list" for his AP courses before, but even if I were to get in, I wouldn't of had the resources that I have now to pursue it with the full attention that I can now afford. 

And I go! Back into the thick of things!....albeit, with much calmer transits!



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